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      PXBLACK RS is our top-of-the-line, custom-modified Vespa PX200, complete with the highest quality components and performance specs, to provide the ultimate in terms of original style, look and sport performance.  

        210cc Malossi or Polini
      TRANSMISSION:  Four-speed manual
      EXTERIOR: Your choice of colour
      SEAT: N.I.S.A Sport Racing Seat
      SUSPENSION:  S.I.P Performance 2.0 (FRONT/REAR)
      BRAKES: S.I.P GRIMECA Brake Calliper (various colours)
      TIRES: Michelin S1 or Pirelli SL26 
      WHEELS: S.I.P Tubeless Rims 2.0
      EXHAUST: DRP custom-made (for engine size)
      THROTTLE: Domino Quick Action Twistgrip
      GEAR SELECTOR: Motorino Diavolo Sequential
      SPEEDOMETER: S.I.P Digital 2.0


      There is an extensive range of parts, upgrade kits and styling options for classic Vespa PX. As an official dealer of S.I.P, the lead distributor of Vespa components globally, and direct contact with suppliers such as DRP, Polini, Malossi and N.I.S.A, we have access to the full suite of contemporary Vespa components available. 

      Below are some of the more common optional extras people ask for:

      ENGINE: 215 or 220cc from Malossi, Polini or Pinasco
      SUSPENSION: BGM Pro SC Competition

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