2STROKE specialises in custom-building vintage scooters; we create them to our customers' preferences and allow them to become part of the process, from selecting the type of scooter model, through rebuild and styling, to the moment they drive away.

Our clients have different reasons for acquiring a vintage scooter: everyday commute, use around town, weekend touring, lifestyle accessory, or as part of a collection. We’ll make sure you get the right vehicle for your requirements; a 1962 azzuri-blue, kick-start VBB may not be an ideal daily commute but is perfect for a weekend cruise; a 1982 ruby-red PX200 may not have all the classic curves of earlier models but is a vintage in every sense, combining a classic, geared-riding experience with electric starter, power and every day reliability.

2STROKE sources vintage scooters from all over the world and is always obtaining and building new projects to stock in our store. We take pride in an international network capable of meeting just about any customer request; we have sourced original Vespa and Lambretta models from Italy and across Europe. We also have customers happy to see what we have available in-store before beginning the process of deciding what they want.

Some of the classic models we typically work with include Vespa VBB, PX200, Super and Sprint. All these models can be sourced and custom-built to our customer’s exacting standards.

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