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      OUR ROOTS 

      2STROKE started out in 2013, importing and customising vintage Italian scooters and returning them to the roads of Hong Kong. The first Vespas arrived on these shores back in the 1950's but numbers have since dwindled; we’re making sure these iconic vehicles remain part of the local landscape. 


      OUR NAME

      We love vintage Italian scooters for their simplicity, style, history, sub-culture and - most visceral of all - sound and smell of their 2-stroke engine. Kickstart that engine into life, pull back the throttle - puff of blue smoke - left hand grip clinks into first gear, and away we go… 


      Our first love is for the ride of a vintage Italian scooter but over the years we've been lucky to connect with an amazing community of riders, from all backgrounds and cultures, which has inspired us to create a range of 2STROKE products that capture the style and culture of this rider community and our preferred ride, the vintage Italian scooter.