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      Custom-modified classic Vespa PX for the discerning scooter rider.

      Carefully built to specification on Hong Kong island, with the belief that your ride should be as unique and personal as you are. 

      Own a piece of scootering history; Piaggio no longer produce the Vespa PX, making them an increasingly scarce asset. Unlike a new scooter, our custom Vespa PX's will only appreciate in value.


      Why Vespa PX200?

      The Vespa PX was first presented in 1977 in Milan as the nuova linea model (new line) and included 125, 150 and 200cc models within the range. 

      We work exclusively with the most powerful PX200 model for a couple of reasons; firstly, in Hong Kong we're fortunate enough to have a good stock of original, Italian-production Vespa PX200's (which have acted as the work-horse of Hong Kong's delivery network for decades); and secondly, and more importantly, because they are robust, reliable, run smoothly, and have plenty of firepower to comfortably navigate Hong Kong's hilly terrain on a daily basis. All that, whilst providing the timeless style and aesthetic of a classic Vespa.

      The PX200 is a firm favourite of Vespa fans worldwide, due to this combination of reliability, power and authenticity. The Vespa PX200 was an icon during the revival of the UK mod scene in the late 1970's (known as the "second coming") and its legend within the Vespa range grows with each passing year.

      Piaggio ceased production of the Vespa PX200 in 2007 but whilst the PX model in 2-stroke configuration has now entered the history books, we're keeping it very much alive, for people to continue to experience in all its original, classic form. In fact, with the availability of such a wide range of parts and component upgrades we are able to significantly improve the performance of the Vespa PX to an even higher standard. 



      Building your custom Vespa PX

      We start with an original, fully functioning base model Vespa PX. The scooter is stripped, any flaws attended to and then repainted to a high standard, in the rider's choice of colour. Wheels and tires are new and the bike is reassembled, fully serviced and test driven to ensure any niggles are addressed and the scooter is delivered in perfect working order.

      Customisation, not restoration

      A key differentiation as we are not restoring scooters from scratch. We start with a fully functioning, structurally and mechanically sound base model and refurbish and enhance it to our rider's specification. Our aim is to provide an original, classic-style, geared Vespa experience, combined with the performance and reliability to meet the challenges of daily riding in Hong Kong. In addition to cosmetic enhancements, we fully check the mechanical condition of the scooter, wheels and tires are new, brakes and fluids checked, electricals sorted, engine is checked, cleaned and any bolts and nuts replaced as required. The result is a spectacular looking, customised Vespa PX that drives beautifully.




      la semplicità è l'ultima sofisticazione; simplicity is the ultimate