Vivi La Bella Vita 

ADD OIL is 2STROKE’s sister-brand and cafe-bar, serving specialty coffee and refreshments to members and guests. Together, 2STROKE and ADD OIL act as clubhouse, showroom and accessories store.    


 "Add oil” has been made an official term in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). It represents the metaphor of injecting fuel into a tank, or alternatively, stepping on an accelerator to propel a vehicle forward. But the use of “add oil” as an expression of encouragement is a creation of Cantonese: ga yao, or jiayou in Mandarin. Often accompanied by exclamation marks, it is a versatile phrase Chinese speakers use to express encouragement, incitement or support, somewhere along the lines of “keep it up” or “good luck”. It is believed to have originated as a cheer at the Macau Grand Prix during the 1960's.